Are there any available themes for moderncv other than classic and casual?

I googled it but no luck.

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    Note that with newer moderncv versions the themes files are named differently and you will have to rename your custom theme files to the new naming scheme. I updated my answer in order to reflect this. May 6, 2012 at 7:18

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The current version of moderncv (version 2.3.1 of Feb 21, 2022) has 5 styles (other than the dummy empty one):

and 8 color schemes:

  • black,
  • blue,
  • burgundy,
  • green,
  • grey,
  • orange,
  • purple, and
  • red.

The themes for moderncv are located in files named moderncvstyle<name>.sty which are loaded by moderncv as sub-packages. In earlier versions they were named moderncvtheme<name>.sty instead, but this got changed (which broke my documents until I figured it out). You must rename existing older custom themes to match the new name in order to be found.

There are only three of these files included with moderncv:

  • moderncvstylecasual.sty
  • moderncvstyleclassic.sty
  • moderncvstyleempty.sty

The empty theme is only minimal and doesn't include a real theme. There are no other files on CTAN which this names nor could I find others with a Google search. There is a possibility to create own themes, but no one seems to have posted one online yet.

  • Hi Martin, I did with the banking style file that but it can't compile. Any ideas? Jun 22, 2015 at 17:09

There is also the empty theme. You can relatively easily create you own theme, though.

If you are not satisfied with the output of moderncv, I suggest using one of these: http://rpi.edu/dept/arc/training/latex/resumes/

  • The RPI templates can make very elegant resumes, though they are a little bit harder to use for a LaTeX beginner like me four years ago. Mar 19, 2014 at 16:21

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