Hi all, I'm a newby in LaTeX but after researching online, I have seen that it is possible to create boxes and frames adjusted to text and images. I am trying to achieve something like the image, what would you recommend? I have seen you can use \ovalbox, mdframed, beamer, TiKZ… My main issue is framing the title in the position required and insert image. Thanks a lot! :)

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with tcolorbox and tikz



        rounded corners,
        line width=2pt,
        drop shadow,
        text width=4cm,
        inner sep=8pt,
    at (frame.north){\bfseries\textcolor{white}{#1}};

    frame hidden,
    lefthand width=2.5cm,
    segmentation hidden,


\begin{mybox}{Political Factors}
    Analyses to what degree the government intervenes


enter image description here

The optional argument in the newtcolorbox is there in case you need to apply different customizations to specific boxes (e.g., you could have the same box with a different background color with \begin{mybox}[colback=red]{Political Factors}. It is ignored otherwise, as in the given MWE.

  • Woah! I have been playing around with these packages and it's amazing the things you can do with them. Thank you so much for your help. You have really provided me a head start for Latex use! :) Thanks thanks!! – user41232 Nov 23 '13 at 18:05
  • @user41232 you're welcome, have fun with LaTeX :) – Nico Boni Nov 23 '13 at 18:22

Here is a possible mdframed approach. I used the package mwe just so that the code will compile. I have made liberal use of the picture you provided for the image, though.




    innerlinewidth = 0.5pt,
    outerlinewidth = 2pt,
    linecolor = mygreen,
    tikzsetting = {draw = white, line width = 0.5pt},

    style = mystyle,
    style = mystyle,
    \tikz{[baseline=(current bounding box.east),outer sep=0pt]
    \node[draw = white, line width = 2pt, text = white, anchor=east,rectangle,
    fill=mygreen, rounded corners, drop shadow]
    {\strut #1};

\begin{definition}[Political Factors]
\includegraphics[width = \linewidth]{example-image-a}
Analyses to what degree the government intervenes in the
economy. It includes regulations and legal issues and defines
both formal and informal rules under which the firm must
operate. Political factors include: tax policy, employment laws,
environmental regulations, trade restriction tariffs and political

enter image description here

  • Nice!! I'm now further investigating about the mwe package... really versatile! :) Thanks a lot for your help! – user41232 Nov 23 '13 at 18:04

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