I have made color style like below for moderncv. The color1 is used for all sections and subsections I want to use the newly added color3 for subsections instead of color1. How could I do it?

% start of file 'moderncvcolorteal.sty'.

% identification
\ProvidesPackage{moderncvcolorteal}[2013/02/09 v1.3.0 modern curriculum vitae and letter color scheme: teal]

% color scheme definition
\definecolor{color0}{rgb}{0,0,0}            % black
\definecolor{color1}{rgb}{0,0.5,0.5}        % teal
\definecolor{color2}{rgb}{0.45,0.45,0.45}   % dark grey
\definecolor{color3}{rgb}{0.56,0,0.13}      % burgundy

% end of file 'moderncvcolorteal.sty'.
  • Try using the xpatch package. – masu Nov 19 '13 at 7:37
  • Would you explain more?? – user41086 Nov 19 '13 at 9:11

The coloring of the \subsection is defined in the respective moderncvstyle*.sty files.

Use e.g.


to change the subsection color to color3.

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