So for a report my teacher gave us exact prerequisite for the layout. He wants in text footnote citations in the author-year style and the bibliography in the APA (5th) style. EDIT: The reference list should be numberd and sorted according to the appearence and I think corresponding to the footnote number.

Because I do not want to merge 5 .doc (MS Word) files from my group members and format everything in MS Word I need to get this to work in LaTeX.

Currently I am trying to get this to work with biblatex and Biber, but the combination of the two styles turns out to be very difficult to me. I am not set on biblatex. So, if it can be done with BibTeX or whatever, that is fine.

  • Do you need in-text citations, e.g. [...] (Doe 2013, p. 0) [...], or footnote citations?
    – Ruben
    Nov 19, 2013 at 13:25
  • Hi Ruben, I need footnote citations. The small number in the text and at the bottom of the text in the footnote section an author-year reference to it
    – Reinder
    Nov 19, 2013 at 13:30

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It is possible to solve your issue with natbib (which provides a bunch of new \cite- like commands, e.g. \citep, \citet, ...). I provided a new command called \citef (the suffix 'f' stands for footnote :-)



      \footnote{#1 \ifx\tempa\@empty\unskip\fi%
      \ibid\ifx\tempb\@empty\else\NAT@cmt #2\fi}%

Some Text\citef{article-full}\par
Some Text\citef[11]{article-full}\par
Some Text\citef[cf.][13]{booklet-full}\par


(Note that I also included an 'Ibid'-function, which is strongly recommended when using footcites.)


enter image description here

  • Well, that looks like it! I did not get your example working yet, but I will try later. I almost got what I want myself with Biblatex. However, and I will edit this in the question, I also need numbers before the references.
    – Reinder
    Nov 19, 2013 at 15:19

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