I recently changed from natbib to biblatex-apa, and things are somewhat better - I can cite webpages APA-style - but also worse, because the hookups aren't working properly. They're outputting nothing.

Here's my MWE:

\documentclass[11pt, a4paper, oneside]{Thesis} 

\usepackage[ backend=biber, style=apa ]{biblatex}


\lhead{\emph{Bibliography}} % Change the page header to say "Bibliography"



and my bibliography code:

  address = {Edinburgh},
  title = {I and thou},
  publisher = {T. \& {T}. {Clark}},
  author = {Buber, Martin},
  translator = {Smith, Ronald Gregor},
  year = {1937},
  related = {test1orig},
  relatedtype = {reprintfrom}

And my actual output:

Buber, M. (labelyearlabelmonthlabelday). I and thou (R. G. Smith, Trans.). Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark. (Repr. from I and thou, by M. Buber, OrigPlace: OrigPublisher)

What's going on here? I've tagged things properly, I think?

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In order to use biblatex-apa properly you need to load babel (or polyglossia if you are using XeLaTeX) with the correct language specified and csquotes. Here's an example for British English (which I assume you are using; substitute american if not):


See section 3 of the biblatex-apa manual for details.

(Your minimal document won't compile for anyone, since you are using a custom class and you have code from other packages in it (\lhead from fancyhdr)).

  • Recent versions of biblatex-apa don't need explicit \DeclareLanguageMappings any more. The mappings will be applied automatically for all supported languages.
    – moewe
    Feb 20, 2019 at 8:43

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