I have using a thesis template, but I want to insert a table like what I did in word. But you know, it is not possible to do that at all. So I just want to insert a like-most table. The image shot is my table in word, and what I am doing in LaTeX is:


\arrayrulecolor{white}             % Color of all vertical lines.

\begin{tabular}[H]{|l|l|c|}        % left | center | right for each line.

\arrayrulecolor{white}\hline       % Color of the first(top) horizontal line.
\rowcolor[rgb]{0.30980, 0.50588, 0.73725}
                                     % Font color in 1st row.                                   
Feature & Format & NO.\\
\arrayrulecolor{white}\hline         % Color of the second horizontal line.
\rowcolor[rgb]{0.82353, 0.87843, 0.92941}
\noalign{\gdef\fontcolor{\color{}}}                         % Fon color in other Row
France & Paris & Seine \\

\arrayrulecolor{white}\hline%\cline{1-1}  % Color of the 3rd line for the 1st grid.
Russia & Moscow & Moskva \\ 
\arrayrulecolor{white}%\cline{2-3}    % Color of the 4th line and last grid of the 3rd line.


I searched and have had a look at several posts. But no one works. Could anyone help?

In word


Please always post complete documents showing all packages used. I guess colortbl here.

Note there is no H option for tabular.

enter image description here

\definecolor{c1}{rgb}{0.30980, 0.50588, 0.73725}
\definecolor{c2}{rgb}{0.82353, 0.87843, 0.92941}


\color{c2}Feature &
\color{c2}Format &
\color{c2}NO.\  \\
\hline   %added \\ here
France & Paris & Seine \ \\
\hline  %added \\ here
Russia & Moscow & Moskva \\ 

  • Is there a way to set the text color for a whole row (rather than one element at a time) ? – Alec Jacobson Apr 9 '18 at 14:32
  • @AlecJacobson not directly: each cell is a group as if surrounded by {...} – David Carlisle Apr 9 '18 at 14:50

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