If I use a \llap{text} command at the beginning of an indented paragraph, the text is not indented and is put on the line above the paragraph.






Using the code above, I get the x above and far too the left, relative to the H in the first case, but I get the correct result in the second case (the x is just to the left of the e).

Screenshot of the above code

How can I get the x just to the left of the H?

I tried putting a vphantom{X} just before the \llap to force the paragraph to start, but that didn't change the result at all.

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    you need \leavevmode as \llap is \hbox not \mbox The supported LaTeX syntax is \makebox[0pt][l]{...} which does not have this surprise. Nov 20, 2013 at 22:12
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    You can also do \hspace*{0pt}\llap{x}Hello.
    – user11232
    Nov 20, 2013 at 22:23
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    @DavidCarlisle: Except \makebox[0pt][l]{...} is \rlap, while \makebox[0pt][r]{...} is \llap.
    – Dan
    Nov 21, 2013 at 22:07

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\llap is not a LaTeX box command and does not start a paragraph.






enter image description here


You can also use


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