I want to use the listings package, but every time I compile my document in Texmaker I get the following error:

!LaTeX Error: File `listings.sty' not found.

Before this happens Texmaker displays me a window asking me to install listings, but even though I click install, the problem persists.

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    Do you have MikTex installed? TexMaker it self won't do the trick. You need the packages to run your document... – Rasmus Bækgaard Nov 21 '13 at 8:24
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    I guess you use Miktex. Choose another server as source instead. I encounter that problem sometimes because some server was shut down. – selwyndd21 Nov 21 '13 at 8:25
  • @selwyndd21 I tried with several servers; But the problem remains – Madhujith Nov 21 '13 at 8:29
  • @Madhujith what version of MikTeX do you have? – masu Nov 21 '13 at 9:12
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    @Madhujith Press <Win> + R, and type mpm to start MikTeX Package Manager. You can install the listings package in mpm manually. – Ch'en Meng Nov 21 '13 at 9:45

LaTeX Error: File `listings.sty' not found.

This error message means the source file needs the package listings but the system doesn't have it. MikTeX was designed to be a TeX distribution that can install missing packages automatically, but this feature doesn't work well.

Fortunately, you can install packages manually in three steps:

  1. Press <Win> + R to open Startup window.
  2. Type mpm to start MikTeX Package Manager.
  3. Find the package you want to install, and instal it.
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