Following from my problems from here - Formatting resume header!

I wanted to make the code simpler by adding the tabular part under a method so I tried \newcommand

Here is the code

\textbf{#1} \\
{\bfseries #2, \hfill #3 \hfill #4} \\

Unfortunately after using this I am running into alignment issues- I dont want to over complex the code so I used it -

Input for the above is --

\headtitle{Freelancer Work}{Author}{Linux Journal}{2011}

But if I use stuff after that - it appears like this

enter image description here

and i wanted an alignment like this -

enter image description here

Also I wanted to make it even simpler by seprating the \hline and the heading but removing the \hline too throws an error (from the original code)

Any inputs will be good :)

Edit - Complete code as of now ~


%  \begin{tabular}{@{}p{\linewidth}@{}}
% \textbf{#1} \\
% \hline

\textbf{#1} \\
{\bfseries #2 \hfill #3 \hfill #4} \\

\renewcommand{\labelitemi}{\raise .5ex\hbox{\tiny$\bullet$}}


% Top - Resume Header 

{  \small  \begin{tabular}[c]{l}
\texttt{\#1212, Block xzxzx3} \\
\texttt{ABCD, XYX} \\
\texttt{US CAN (IL) 1212121}
\end{tabular}} \hfill %
{ \small \begin{tabular}[c]{r}
 \texttt{(91) 1212122121}\\
 \texttt{(91) 12333636 }\\

 \vspace{.75 \baselineskip}

 \headtitle{Author}{Linux Journal}{2011}
 \quad Indepth Articles and Analysis
 \begin {itemize}
  \item Worked on an indepth  analysis on Secure boot, Intel's UEFI implementation, its       shortcommings and effect on Linux.
 \item Worked on a comprehensive comparison of various Display Managers covering implementation, development and performance aspect of each.

  \headtitle{Author}{Linux Journal}{2011}
  \quad Indepth Articles and Analysis


Without a minimal example it's difficult to say; but I believe that what you need is

  \textbf{#1} \\
  {\bfseries #2, \hfill #3 \hfill #4} \\

You want the tabular to be the whole linewidth wide, so you don't want to shrink it by twice the \tabcolsep, but rather to remove the padding.

  • The issue is not specially with the above layout - but after i use the bullets \items a lot of space is left betwee heading ichat from above example and the details for that work! What I want is to reduce that space as shown in second image from OP. I even tried using \tiny for \bulles but that doesn't solve the alignment issue . Check image - i.imgur.com/sUJp3Gq.png – Shashwat Nov 22 '13 at 6:23
  • @Shashwat It's impossible to say more without seeing the code. – egreg Nov 22 '13 at 10:12
  • Seems like I was using an empty line command ` \\ ` after the title which seems to create extra space- Is there anyway I can separate Header Title( Freelancer work ) and \hline` from the above format yet attain the same alignment? Cause when I try I get errors ! P.s updated the main post with teh code! – – Shashwat Nov 23 '13 at 18:06

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