I've run into a problem where with using titlesec where my numberless sections are numbered. I took a look at a few other questions here, and the titlesec package help, where I saw the numberless option. However, with the suggestion that I noticed elsewhere here, i.e., to use \sectioning as the label it still produces a (wrong) number before the section name.

Can anyone give me a pointer here?

The present lines in my code read as:






% keep this as last usepackage%

\titleformat{\section}[hang]{\usefont{T1}{qhv}{b}{n}\selectfont}{}{0em}{\hspace{-0.4pt}\Large \thesection\hspace{0.6em}}

\titleformat{name=\section,numberless}[hang]{\usefont{T1}{qhv}{b}{n}\selectfont}{}{0em}{\hspace{-0.4pt}\Large \thesection\hspace{0.6em}}

And the endresult here is that all sections manage to change their font, size, and spacing, but that the ones that go by \section*{} are erroneously numbered.

I have my suspicion that I could do something by the optional titlesec commands, but I a not entirely confident in how they work.


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    You have \thesection also in the numberless part. – egreg Nov 23 '13 at 11:43

Remove \thesection the definition for numberless:


  {\hspace{-0.4pt}\Large \thesection\hspace{0.6em}}



\section*{Unnumbered section}

Some text

\section{Numbered section}


enter image description here

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