I've been searching through the similar questions but none has worked for me. Basically, I am writing a two column conference paper with a existing template, what I want very simple is to place a picture span across two column right under the author affiliation and above the abstract, I've tried to apply the figure* but no matter I place the code fragment the picture will got pushed down to the second page. This is what I've got so far:


% Load basic packages
\usepackage{balance}  % to better equalize the last page
\usepackage{graphics} % for EPS, load graphicx instead
\usepackage{times}    % comment if you want LaTeX's default font
\usepackage{url}      % llt: nicely formatted URLs

% llt: Define a global style for URLs, rather that the default one

% To make various LaTeX processors do the right thing with page size.

pdftitle={SIGCHI Conference Proceedings Format},
pdfkeywords={SIGCHI, proceedings, archival format},

% create a shortcut to typeset table headings

% End of preamble. Here it comes the document.

\title{SIGCHI Conference Proceedings Format}

  \alignauthor 1st Author Name\\
    \email{e-mail address}\\
    \affaddr{Optional phone number}
  \alignauthor 2nd Author Name\\
    \email{e-mail address}\\
    \affaddr{Optional phone number}    




\caption{With Caption Below, be sure to have a good resolution image
  (see item D within the preparation instructions).}

In this paper we describe the formatting requirements for
SIGCHI Conference Proceedings, and this sample file
offers recommendations on writing for the worldwide
SIGCHI readership. Please review this document even if
you have submitted to SIGCHI conferences before, some
format details have changed relative to previous years.


Could anyone help? Thanks a lot!!


This is the default behaviour for figure* in a two-column document. You're going to have to avoid this.

Anywhere before making a call to \maketitle, add the following (replacing example-image with your image, including the \includegraphics parameters):

\let\@oldmaketitle\@maketitle% Store \@maketitle
\renewcommand{\@maketitle}{\@oldmaketitle% Update \@maketitle to insert...
    {example-image}\bigskip}% ... an image

The above inserts an image as part of \@maketitle (at the end), which is set in \twocolumn mode as part of the title. Using the documentclass sigchi.cls, it displays the following output:

enter image description here

  • would it be possible to squeeze multiple pics in a row? – user1935724 Nov 25 '13 at 7:16
  • @user1935724: Yes: \includegraphics[..]{...}\par\includegraphics[..]{...}\bigskip The images will be very tight vertically. So you could add a \medskip after \par. – Werner Nov 25 '13 at 7:18
  • I meant horizontally placed pics. What changes should I make based on your suggestion. never mind I figured it out with \quad – user1935724 Nov 25 '13 at 7:22

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