I am new to LaTeX and I would like to be able to sort my references with the Vancouver style but I don´t know if I need to include some libraries or do something else?

I have searched around the web but I am very confused, I have found something like this

 \cite{key} ==>>          [#]

but it does not work, I hope you can help

  • The only 3rd party file you have to include is the BibTeX style file vancouver.bst with the following command \bibliographystyle{vancouver} (assuming the .tex and the .bst files are in the same folder). Nov 25, 2013 at 11:11
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For an overview of how LaTeX and BibTeX work, generally, see:

Here's a simple example:

Assume your .bib file looks like this:


    Author = {Hudson, Lynne M and Guthrie, Karen H and Santilli, Nicholas R},
    Journal = {Journal of Child Language},
    Month = {Feb},
    Number = {1},
    Pages = {125-138},
    Title = {The Use of Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Strategies in Kindergarteners' Interpretations of 'More' and 'Less'},
    Volume = {9},
    Year = {1982}}

(You can create these entries using your favourite reference manager (most likely JabRef (Windows/Linux/Mac) or BibDesk (Mac). See:

Now create a document:

This is a citation in the text\cite{Hudson-et-al1982}.

Compile this using pdflatex, then bibtex, then pdflatex and pdflatex once more. For more on why this is necessary, see:

output of code

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