I would like to align the two colons in the \author field of my titlepage. Is there a possibility to do this in a similar way as in the \align environment?

\author{Me\\Referentin: XXX \\Korreferent: XXX}
\date{9. Dezember 2013}

Thank you for your help in advance.

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An up-front comment: you're on your way toward moderately abusing the spirit of LaTeX's \author command. This macro is designed so that the names of multiple authors are separated by \and instructions; the \\ line break instruction is supposed to be used solely as a divider between an author's name and his/her affiliation (or similar such author-related information).

Anyway, to achieve your objective, all you have to do is provide a tabular environment inside the argument of the \author instruction. Just don't use any \and instructions...

enter image description here

  Referentin:& XXX \\ 
  Korreferent:& YYY
\date{9. Dezember 2013}

Remark: If you don't want your name to be (right-)aligned with the colons in lines two and three of the author block, you could insert \phantom{:} immediately after your name. Or, if you prefer to center your name in the left-hand column of the tabular environment, you'd write \multicolumn{1}{c}{Me} instead of just Me.

  • Thank you very much for your quick reply - this is exactly what I needed. Also thanks for the advice with the \and - now I'll know it for my future latex-documents.
    – Jurg
    Dec 1, 2013 at 19:06

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