(First of all, I know that \[ \] should be used instead of $$ $$ and I do it.)

I'd like to know about the vertical spacing around math display blocks.

According to texdef -t latex \[ we have

macro:->\relax \ifmmode \@badmath \else \ifvmode \nointerlineskip \makebox [.6\linewidth ]{}\fi $$\fi 

and texdef -t latex \] returns

macro:->\relax \ifmmode \ifinner \@badmath \else $$\fi \else \@badmath \fi \ignorespaces 

So I didn't see any command for vertical spacing.

Since the command $$ appears in the code above I tried also texdef -t tex $$ and texdef -t latex $$ with no success.

If I'm not wrong I remember something related with \abovedisplayskip or something similar.

Well, my question is: Are the vertical spaces above and below the command \[ \] the same as the ones inserted by \begin{equation}\end{equation} (and its stared versions)? How to check this reading the macros and codes?

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