I use the \printbibliography command to generate the section of bibliography for my thesis. The spacing between the headline (e.g. Bibliography) and the first reference (e.g. [1] P. Alfeld, "XXX") seems not to easy to customize. The default spacing is not consistent with other parts (e.g. Abstract and Chapter) of my thesis.

Is there a way to modify this spacing?


The spacing between the headline and the first reference depends on the bibliography style and may be not consistent with other sectioning commands in the document.

A quick way to modify it is to add some spacing to the hook executed at the beginning of the list of references. This hook is controlled by the command \AtBeginBibliography, so adding something like


in the preamble should do what you want.

Adjust 10pt to fit to your document class settings (use a negative value if you want to reduce the spacing).

In the example below I've exaggerated with 90pt just to show that it works.









enter image description here

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