I have a weird problem. If I compile with LuaLaTex and microtype some of my line breaks are messed upped, but I don't get any warnings. XeLaTex with/without microtype or LuaLaTex without microtype are creating the document just right.

Example(I didn't want to post the real text, so I replaced some words)

  • LuaLatex & microtype
    enter image description here
  • LuaLatex
  • XeLatTex & microtype
  • XeLatTex

Example code




    \cen{11.77} \cen{33.79} \cen{20.367} \cen{9.13} \cen{23.148} \cen{52.06} 
    \cen{38.49}-\cen{38.64}-\cen{74.26} \cen{35.59}. \cen{15.66} \cen{23.15} 
    \cen{63.03914} \cen{17.03821} \cen{8.25} \cen{24.02} \cen{28.02} \cen{18.00}
    \cen{27.9} \cen{18.8559} \cen{80.55} \cen{17.03} \cen{22.19566} \cen{27.07}
    \cen{25.44} \cen{47.17} \cen{11.617} \cen{23.72} \cen{13.7} \cen{16.425}
    \cen{66.9264} \cen{15.2643} \cen{38.7411} \cen{41.97136} \cen{17.52}
    Ein\-pla\-ti\-nen\-rech\-ner \emph{Rasp\-berry Pi} benötigt als \cen{88.81546}
    \cen{15.51} \cen{18.26} \cen{23.43} \cen{27.76} \cen{24.02} \cen{13.73}
    \cen{33.78} \cen{66.92} \cen{58.18}


Question Why do I get this strange behavior? Is there any way to avoid this when using LuaLaTex and microtype for a document?

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    This is the same luatex bug as in here and here. – Robert Dec 6 '13 at 4:51
  • thx! Somehow I missed these questions. Really annoying bug :-/ And more than 3 years old... – someonr Dec 6 '13 at 4:57
  • Seems like a straight-forward dupe, so I've marked as such. – Joseph Wright Dec 6 '13 at 8:14

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