Is there a command for a larger version of the symbol \perp used to denote perpendicularity? I have had a look at the Comprehensive LaTeX symbol list and didn't find a large version of this symbol.

Also, I would like to know whether the situation has changed since this question on a symbol for orthogonal sum as asked. I find the \obot and \bigobot just don't do the job for me.

  • a circled perpendicular is in unicode at Ux2989, so it should be in the stix and xits fonts. there's no large perpendicular, but if you can supply a reference showing it in a published document from a recognized publisher, i will be happy to submit it to unicode for consideration. Dec 8 '13 at 15:26

This is what I can offer for a \bigperp command:





$\displaystyle\bigperp_{i=1}^{n} U_{i}$

enter image description here

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