I am using align and environment for various equations.

There is some space that comes before and after the equations that I would like to minimize.

Is there a single command that could be used to do that for all environment occurrences?

(I think some of it is automatically determined by Latex, but maybe I can give a maximal amount of space allowed?)

  • You could use \vspace{<negative dimension>} between the two. – A.Ellett Dec 8 '13 at 16:00
  • The vertical space above and below the amsmath display-math environments is governed by the parameters \abovedisplayskip and, you guessed it, \belowdisplayskip. See the posting abovedisplayskip vs abovedisplayshortskip for a longer discussion of these parameters and how they might be modified. – Mico Dec 8 '13 at 16:05

although it's not possible to be sure what is really meant, without a compilable example, this sounds like the align and equation environments are set without any text between, like this:

   ... \\

this isn't recommended. instead, it's possible to nest an align group within gather:

   ... \\
   ... \\

the [6pt] is optional; it assumes that some additional space is wanted between the aligned material and the non-aligned equations. (this optional directive can be used at any line break to increase or decrease the space between lines.)

all lines will be numbered, unless \notag is used on individual lines, or aligned is used to omit the number from that entire group.

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