I am using natbib and agsm for harvard style referencing.

My related code is




Even I could get the reference list....how to do that? I am using the Imperial College template. But I used this \bibliographystyle{plainnat} except this \bibliographystyle{agsm}. Then only I got this file. I want to get haravard references.

ex: in bibliography.bib file

 author = {A. J. Roberts and A. Cronin}, 
 journal = {Physica A}, 
 pages = {867--878}, 
 title = {Unbiased estimation of multi-fractal 
 dimensions of finite data sets}, 
 volume = 233, 
 year = 1996, 


A. J. Roberts and A. Cronin. Unbiased estimation of multi-fractal dimensions of finite data sets. Physica A, 233:867-878, 1996


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I'm not sure if I fully understand the problem you're looking to solve. Part of the issue may be that the term "harvard" is both a synonym for a certain style of citing pieces -- the "author-year citation style" -- as well as a specific LaTeX package that consists of a main style file called, you guessed it, harvard.sty, and more than a half dozen specific bibliography style files; one of these is agsm.bst. The .bst file determines the formatting of the entries in the references section. If it's part of an entire package (as is the case for agsm.bst), it may make use of specialized macros defined by the package (here: harvard.sty).

To use agsm with natbib rather than harvard, it is necessary to load a little utility package called har2nat. (I think the name suggests what it does.) The following setup should work for you:


Incidentally, the plainnat bibliography style is compatible with both numeric and author-year style citations. To generate author-year style citations, load the natbib package with the option authoryear:


With either setup, you'll get author-year style citations. The references, of course, will be formatted differently than if you used agsm. Choose whichever style that fits your needs and requirements.

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