How can I replace the usual ":" with a space in the Figure captions.

> Figure 3: Blah blah.....................


> Figure 3 Blah blah.....................
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    Use the caption package with \captionsetup[figure]{font={normalfont},format=plain,labelsep=quad} for example. – azetina Dec 11 '13 at 19:07

Here is a MWE using the caption package and \captionsetup:

enter image description here

\[  X_i=
    0                           & \text{ for } i=0\\
    (X_{i-1}\oplus A_i)\cdot H  & \text{ for } i=1,\dotsc,m-1
\caption{Math Thingy}


You may also want to try quad instead of space. I may even add that there are advanced enhancements like the \DeclareCaptionLabelSeparator which enables you to declare your own space separator or symbols as you wish. See below for some samples:


And used as:


Just for fun and to illustrate other symbolic implementation:

enter image description here


and is used as above

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