I hope i'm in the right place to ask you my question! I've already gone through many posts but I can't find a solution to my problem.

I'm currently writing a case study and i've been asked to comment my references/sources.

In other words, I need to explain why I chose to use every single source in my bibliography.

So, I was hoping it was possible with bibtex to write the reference, then write a few sentences to describe it.


[1] Doe, J. The Title. The Journal.

This source is really interesting because it doesn't have a real title. 

[2] Another Doe, J. The new Title. The Same Journal.

This second source is also really interesting because it contains words.    

I can't find a way to do it, anybody got a solution?

Thanks everybody :)


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With biblatex and biber and modifications to you bib file, it is quite easy to get pretty close to what you are asking for. The problem is that the biblatex trad-plain style does not match you style perfectly: the sort order and ordering of the author name parts are different along with capitalization of the titles and journal name and some italics. This can all be fixed if it is really needed. The key thing is that your comments needs to be stored for every entry as a field mynote. We then need to tell biber about the new field


and then we need to tell biblatex to print the field after every entry


where the \xapptobibmacro macro comes from the xpatch package. A complete MWE that uses the filecontents environment to create a dummy bib file:


% This just makes a dummy bib file
   author = {Doe, J.},
   title = {The Title},
   journal = {The Journal},
   mynote = {This source is really interesting because it doesn't have a real title}

   author = {Smith, J.},
   title = {The New Title},
   journal = {The Same Journal},
   mynote = {This second source is also really interesting because it contains words}

% This does the work




  • Thanks a lot!! It took me a while to make it work because I'm using a multibib, but it does the trick! :) Thanks again!!! Dec 13, 2013 at 15:40
  • 3
    For future reference, please note that this doesn't work any more with biblatex. It isn't possible any more to include \DeclareDatamodelFields commands in the preamble. See here for a workaround: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/238554/…
    – NVaughan
    Apr 14, 2015 at 16:33

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