I've noticed a very small yet perceptible difference between the title pages I produce and some that I've stumbled across.

Using the standard \maketitle command and filling in the standard author, date, abstract fields, I produce something that looks like this.

However, I've come across many papers with titles that look more like this.

You'll notice that in the latter case, the kerning is a bit smaller and the font seems a bit thicker. However, the font isn't bold (I tried that) and I've seen this often enough that I'm quite sure it's not a manual kerning or font weight edit, but rather just a command or package I'm not aware of.

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The style you prefer was prepared using different software. More specifically, it probably used LaTeX or TeX to output the .dvi and then definitely used Acrobat Distiller to produce the pdf. In contrast, yours was created with pdfTeX. Moreover, although I don't know enough about Distiller to say, the result is that the other document uses truetype fonts whereas yours uses type1. Finally, some of the fonts are different even though both documents predominately use Computer Modern. Look at the documents' properties and fonts in your PDF viewer for details.


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