I am working on a document of the two-column IEEEtran style and I want to "insert" two special pages.

So I have these two page-filling figures. I want each figure to appear on its own page, say page 2 and 3, and the remaining text to end on page 1 and continue normally on page 4 as if the two extra pages were not there. The figure pages are just inserts which should be numbered correctly, but otherwise should not affect the layout of the remaining text pages.

I do not want to start new pages with newpage and clearpage, because that would leave empty space before the two extra pages. Rather, I want text to "flow around" them.

This is a general question, so please excuse if I do not post a code example, because I do not think the actual code is very relevant here.

  • Do you want the extra pages to be numbered as "normal" pages in the document? Or should the fourth page be numbered "2" as if the extra pages were not there? – JLDiaz Dec 12 '13 at 17:16

Does something like the following work for you?

(I am not sure whether you want this, since you say, continue normally on page 4 as if the two extra pages were not there. Do this mean that these will not increase the page number? If that is the case, my answer is incorrect and I will delete this.)



\title{Paper Title}

\author{First Last}



  \caption{First full page figure.}

  \caption{Second full page figure.}




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