A while ago I was experimenting with suftesi and chapters of my thesis, adapting the preamble that had been created using the standard class book and it works. I want to try the layout of sufitesi, but I have an strange problem.

When I compile and add each chapter, suddenly I've got an error:

! Undefined control sequence.
\enit@enditemize ->\enit@after 
                           \endlist \ifx \enit@series \relax \else \ifnu...
l.13 \end{itemize}

It seems that the problem has to do with the itemize environment, something very strange, because with the class book I have not problems. I want to highlight that I read before the documentation of suftesi class and from there was I used my preamble options. I have not seen any trouble with itemize.

A MWE then should be:

\documentclass[documentstructure=book,pagelayout=standard,tocstyle=ragged,headerstyle=center,captionstyle=standard, parindent=wide,style=sufelements]{suftesi}

%output-decimal-marker = {,},
detect-weight= true, 
range-units = brackets,
list-final-separator = { \translate{and} },
list-pair-separator = { \translate{and} },
range-phrase = { \translate{to (numerical range)} },


\section{Objetivo general}

\noindent Sintetizar óxidos binarios basados en mezclas de Ir y Ru mediante una síntesis coloidal como electrocatalizadores para la reacción de evolución de oxígeno \todo[color=cyan]{acrónimo} (REO) en un electrolizador tipo \todo[color=cyan]{acrónimo} ESP que superen las propiedades electrocatalíticas de los óxidos simples \BPChem{IrO\_2} y \BPChem{RuO\_2}, es decir, que reduzcan el sobrepotencial requerido para la \todo[color=cyan]{acrónimo} REO mejorando su cinética lenta. 

\section{Objetivos específicos}

\item Caracterizar físicamente los materiales sintetizados mediante difracción de rayos X \todo[color=cyan]{acrónimo} (XRD), microscopia de barrido electrónico (SEM), área superficial por la técnica de \todo[color=cyan]{acrónimo} BET para determinar la morfología y tamaño de partícula de los óxidos binarios en estudio.
\item Evaluar la actividad electrocatalítica de los materiales sintetizados a través de su caracterización electroquímica con técnicas como voltamperometría cíclica \todo[color=cyan]{acrónimo} (VC), \todo[color=cyan]{acrónimo} lineal (VL) y cronoamperometría \todo[color=cyan]{acrónimo} (CA).
\item Evaluar los materiales en un electrolizador tipo \todo[color=cyan]{acrónimo} ESP. Realizar la comparación del desempeño de la serie de óxidos binarios con un óxido comercial \BPChem{IrO\_2}. 

Well the MWE works, but with the whole document (all the chapters) not. I'm using TeXLive 2013 updated. I made a proof in ShareLaTeX and it works but with errors. I don't understand what's wrong. Could someone help me?

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    It's difficult for a doctor to diagnose a problem if the patient sends his healty brother to the visit. It's irrelevant, but you shouldn't be loading ucs. – egreg Dec 16 '13 at 7:49
  • That's the reason why I uploaded the sick brother in sharelatex. Thanks for the advice. – Aradnix Dec 16 '13 at 9:07
  • ShareLaTeX is based on an old TeX Live (2011). It's surely possible that something that works on TeX Live 2013 doesn't on an outdated release. – egreg Dec 16 '13 at 9:09
  • Ok, but well there is the whole code for proofs. BTW in ShareLaTeX there are issues also. – Aradnix Dec 16 '13 at 9:18

You're using paralist that is incompatible with enumitem. Since suftesi relies on enumitem, you have to remove the call to paralist.

  • Well it seems that the problem was in fact the paralist package. I removed it from the premable, erased the auxiliar files and complied again. And there are not errors. I added chapter by chapter and all works. Thanks. – Aradnix Dec 26 '13 at 0:44

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