How can this issue be stated more precicely and finally solved?

Having a large document and using \input{...} within figure enviorement for including gaphics by tikz and pdf's, png's. Each figure itself works fine by commenting out any others. After a stepwise uncommenting of figures and always deleting the external-output folders content, the error occurs at an simple figure... \includefigure{pics/name.pdf}.

The folder structure is

  • \folder\file.tex
  • \folder\pics...pdf's,png's
  • \folder\tikz...tikz's
  • \folder\tikz\ext...pdf's,log's,dpth's

Commenting the \tikzexternalize lines in the preample, makes everything working fine, but - taking too much time.


By shrinking the code to an MWE, an unprocessed-floats error came up. Using a for-loop for multiple invoking of the same tikz, the error shows up after the 18th iteration (image). After including the morefloats package it was solved and successfully tested up to 30 images.

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