How to add large picture which has a WMF format in a tex file without breaking it? When I convert the image it look fuzzy to me. I want to add the pic .wmf in Latex and it doesn't factor that how much space it is taking. I can email you the image if you need cause I can not post it here.

  • Windows MetaFile images are not supported by TeX. The types of images supported by various engines are listed here. You will have to convert your image to one of these formats. – ChrisS Dec 17 '13 at 2:41
  • Try converting the WMF (Load/Export) with inkscape. – alfC Dec 17 '13 at 7:42

You cannot use WMF files directly in LaTeX. It must be converted to one of the vector formats EPS or PDF or to a bitmap format such as PNG.

  1. Use the standalone LyX tool MetafileToEPSConverter to convert it to Postscript (EPS) format and then use epstool together with Ghostscript/Gostview to get rid of the surrounding white-space.

  2. From Microsoft Office you can directly save to PDF. Use pdfcrop to remove surrounding white-space.

  3. From Microsoft PowerPoint you can save it as PNG bitmap file, but it is not recommended because of the loss of resolution when figure is scaled.


Yet another free and cross-platform option is OpenOffice Draw, which can flawlessly import/export WMF and EMF and also export to EPS or PDF.

Before the advent of inkscape, OpenOffice basically was the only tool that could seamlessly export vector graphics into both worlds: Windows (WMF/EMF) and Unix/MacOS/LaTeX (EPS/PDF).

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