I recently installed vim-latex plugin in gvim 7.4. I followed the documentation to set it up. Everything is working. But I have a problem. When I type in key expansion combination, the combination keys are also left with the expanded result. For example, pressing `^ should expands to \Hat{<++>}<++>. But it instead expands to


this is true for all. some examples


How can I solved this problem so that the key combination gets omitted when expansion happens?

  • From what I read here, vim-latex often seems to create more problems then it solves. There are numerous other plugins which perform all sorts of things, but for snippets I suggest looking at snipmate, and a suitable snippet file for TeX can be found here. They are also very easy to adapt to your needs.
    – Psirus
    Commented Dec 18, 2013 at 8:41

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The following change to line 290 of the ~/.vim/plugin/imaps.vim file did the trick for me:


return a:char . "\<c-g>u\<bs>" . bs . IMAP_PutTextWithMovement(rhs, phs, phe)


return bs . "\<c-g>u\<bs>" . IMAP_PutTextWithMovement(rhs, phs, phe)

I have never before tempered with vim-script, so it might be, that this solution only works with my particular compilation of vim.

Also, I have not yet testet all of the mappings done via vim-latex IMAP and it could be, that the a:char is important for some of them.


Just add set backspace=start to the .vimrc will solve this problem. Because <bs> cannot delete the character before the undo point when backspace is not set.

In the file ~/.vim/plugin/imaps.vim, in the end of the function s:LookupCharacter there is some code like this:

let bs = substitute(s:MultiByteStrpart(lhs, 1), ".", "\<bs>", "g")
" \<c-g>u inserts an undo point
return a:char . "\<c-g>u\<bs>" . bs . IMAP_PutTextWithMovement(rhs, phs, phe)

The last line return what you have entered, and then creat an undo point use \<c-g>u, and then use several <bs> to delete the characters you have entered. However, when backspace is not set, <bs> cannot delete the character entered before the undo point.

The var bs is several backspace used to delete what you have entered.


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