I am formatting some diagrams using arrows in xy-pic. The "standard" arrow head that xy-pic produces with the command \ar is quite different (much smaller, thinner) than that produced by using the command \to (outside of the xy-pic environment). I like the fatter arrowhead much better. How can I tell xy-pic that this is what I want??

The difference in output can be seen by compiling the following code:



\[X\to Y\]

\xymatrix{X\ar[r] & Y}


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Use \SelectTips{cm}{12} just after the \usepackage[all]{xy} for computer modern tips.

Or you could simply say \usepackage[all,cmtip]{xy} (thanks to Phil Hirschorn).

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    Equivalently, say \usepackage[all,cmtip]{xy} Apr 12, 2011 at 0:29

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