I want to use this code

& \cos(90^\circ-v) = \sin(v)\\ & \sin(90^\circ-v) = \cos(v).

....twice, and have the same numbering of the equations appear to the right of in both ''aligned''. Now, when i put down this code one more time in the same document i get numbering (3) and (4), But I want it to be (1) and (2) as in the first ''align''.


Add a \label and use \ref for the repeated display, exploiting the \tag feature that allows arbitrary text for the equation number.



Here's a display
\cos(90^\circ-v) &= \sin(v) \label{cos-sin}\\
\sin(90^\circ-v) &= \cos(v).\label{sin-cos}
And again
\cos(90^\circ-v) &= \sin(v) \tag{\ref{cos-sin}}\\
\sin(90^\circ-v) &= \cos(v).\tag{\ref{sin-cos}}


enter image description here

Don't use degrees when teaching trigonometry, please! ;-)

  • Thanks man, I used degrees so I wouldnt mix it up with radians later. So that i can separate cos(2^\circ) from cos(2) for example – Hankyboy Dec 17 '13 at 13:31

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