I seem to recall a macro which was used to create symbols which could be inserted into text, but cannot remember the name nor find it using search.

I could do it myself easy enough

\newcommand{\reddot}{\tikz{\fill[red] (0,0) circle (4pt);}}

but don't want to reinvent the wheel.


Well for "Symbols" there is tikzsymbols:

You can use TikZ as well:

            \node[shape=circle, draw, inner sep=1pt, align=center] (char) {#1};}}}

 Something like that \circled{E} or like {%
               \protect\draw (0,0) -- (.5,1);
               \protect\draw (.5,1) -- (1.5,1);
               \protect\draw (1.5,1) -- (1,0);
               \protect\draw (1,0) -- (0,0);
\,that? Or like that \tikzsymbolsuse{Smiley}[]?

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  • The existing tikzsymbol package symbol set is not that useful. – John Kormylo Dec 17 '13 at 19:25

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