Could you please helping me to draw a nice big tables

like this one , I don't know how to mange the big table in LateX

Many thanks

enter image description here

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    Well there are few packages that can help you to do that. For compose big tables you can use the package longtable and create tables through more than one page. You can also use tabularx for control better the width of the columns, the package rotating for rotate very wide tables (as the one in yor example) and booktabs for get a more professional layout easily. Take a look at this page you can understand better how to work with tables. – Aradnix Dec 18 '13 at 5:56
  • It looks like longtable could be useful. Given the size of it, I'd be tempted to store the entries in a .csv file and then read them in using pgfplotstable – cmhughes Dec 18 '13 at 6:19

You can use the ltxtable latexpackage

This package is a wrapper around tabularx (that allows you to not specify the length of a column - for you the 4th one -) and longtable

By default the first line is repeated under all pages.

the main problem with this package is that the table needs to be written in another file. But you can do that like this:


If this pice of code is a little long you can set it into a command or environment (with the \newEnviron command provided by environ package) or \newenvironment and replace the LTXtable bracked with \bgroup and \egroup



ID & Authors & Year & Title & Venue     \\\hline

... the tabular lines



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