I know they go under ~/.arara under unix platforms, but I tried having them under %USERPROFILE%\.arara, and they are not getting picked up.

  • you mean araraconfig.yaml ? does echo %USERPROFILE% give you C:\Users\Username , araraconfig.yaml should reside there ? BTW Which version of Windows ? Commented Dec 19, 2013 at 0:19

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See the preface of section 6 (“Configuration file”) and subsection 6.1 (“Search paths”) in the GREAT arara manual (I speak of version 3.0 here). You have to create a configuration file with the name “araraconfig.yaml” directly in %UserProfile%, and in this file you can add a path for your local rules.

%UserProfile% is:

  • until Windows XP by default C:\<Documents and Settings>\<username>, where <Documents and Settings> is language dependent.
  • since Windows Vista by default C:\Users\<username>. You see, the first part Users is valid for all languages, but Microsoft even so thought, it would be a good idea to provide in system’s own Windows Explorer only a translated folder name (e.g. here in German I can only see Benutzer). But on command line and in batches and cases like here for arara you need the correct folder name Users – but the best approach would consist in only using the mentioned system variable with added subfolders.

I have Windows 10 (and TeX Live 2016) and I've found them in:


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