I was using the LaTeX resume template from http://www.constantinos.us/blog/2006/04/12/latex-resume-template site.. Then i have modified accordingly given below .. But unfortunately it is showing some error and i cant find out the solution for such a long time

\usepackage[left=1.90cm, right=1.80cm, top=2.00cm, bottom=1.50cm]{geometry}
\pagestyle{plain} % Page Number


\newcommand{\area}[2]{\vspace*{-9pt} \begin{verse}\textbf{#1}   #2 \end{verse}  }
\newcommand{\lineunder}{\vspace*{-8pt} \\ \hspace*{-18pt} \hrulefill \\}
\newcommand{\header}[1]{{\hspace*{-15pt}\vspace*{6pt} \large{\textsc{#1}}} \vspace*    {-6pt} \lineunder}
\newcommand{\employer}[2]{{ \underline{\textbf{\emph{#1}}} (#2) \\}}
\newcommand{\PublicationListing}[1]{{ \underline{\textbf{\emph{#1}:-}} \\}}

%\begin{center} {\LARGE \scshape {#1}}\\ #2 \lineunder #3 \end{center} \vspace*{-8pt}}
\begin{center} {\Large \scshape {#1}}\\ #2 \lineunder #3 \end{center} \vspace*{-8pt}}

\newenvironment{achievements}{\begin{list}{$\bullet$}{\topsep 0pt \itemsep -2pt}}    {\vspace*{4pt}\end{list}}
\newcommand{\schoolwithcourses}[3]{ \textbf{#1} #2 #3}
\newcommand{\school}[3]{ \textbf{#1} #2 #3}
\newcommand{\UniversityInformations}[7]{ {\textbf{#1}} #2 {$\bullet$ \underline{#3}} {\underline{#4}} #5 {\underline{#6}} {\textit{#7}}}


\contact{My Name}{Research Engineer \\ \textit{Work Address}:- Room No\#1019     (10\textsuperscript{th} Floor),SAC; Dept. of EECS, \href{http://www.abc.edu/}{abc University},city \# 1229, country \\ 
\textit{Home Address}:- xyz, (3\textsuperscript{rd} Floor), House \# 123, Road \#456, CDF , Merul Badda, Dhaka}
{\Mobilefone +880-172837, \phone +880-364759 \Letter \it{myname@eecs.abc.edu}     \Letter \it{abcname@gmail.com} \\ 
\textit{Website}:-\ComputerMouse \it{\href{https://sites.google.com/site/xyz/}{https://sites.google.com/site/xyz/}}}

%\UniversityInformations{\href{http://www.abc.edu/html/dcse.html#bseee}{Bachelor of Science in Electrical \& Electronic Engineering}; Summer-2012;} {\href{http://www.abc.edu/}{abc University}; Country \\} {GPA:- 3.79/4.00} {$\bullet$ Major GPA}{:- 3.84/4.00}{$\bullet$ Honors:-}{Magna Cum Laude}

\school {\href{http://www.abc.edu/html/dcse.html#bseee}{Bachelor of Science in Electrical \& Electronic Engineering}; Summer-2012;} {\href{http://www.northsouth.edu/}{abc University}; Country \\} {$\bullet$ \underline{GPA}:- 3.79/4.00 $\bullet$ \underline{Major GPA}:- 3.84/4.00 $\bullet$ \underline{Honors}:-\textit{Magna Cum Laude}} \\ 

{\underline{\textbf{Undergraduate Thesis}}:- {\it xyz ahdma hdahf hadjfh dafhadj fhdahf jkdah }}\\
\textbf{Supervisor:-} \href{http://users.ece.gatech.edu/~xyz/}{Dr. fhdjahf jadhfjhad }   
\textbf{Co-Supervisor:-} \href{http://users.ece.gatech.edu/~mky/}{Dr. fjjahsfjdha kjfhadjk hfad}

\header{Research Interests}
$\diamond$ ashfahsd fhadjfh djakhfj kdajkfjha  $\diamond$ dhjkdsha fbdahf kdabfjdah $\diamond$ dhjhaksjhfadfdagfad $\diamond$ dgysga fhdagfjdahgkfhdajkhf ad $\diamond$ dhashgfkjahdfkjhaddkhfajkjdh $\diamond$ dfagsdkfhadkfbad \& $\diamond$ dbfjadsjfkhdakjfjkdahfjkkdahj fdkjfh fdkjhfjda jfhdajk fhdah .

\header{Awards \& Achivements}
$\bullet$ Achieved 50\% Tuition waiver (Financial Assistantship) at     \href{http://www.abc.edu/html/moreadmission.html#financial}{abc University}, Country. \\

$\bullet$ One of my papers was short listed at \href{http://www.opticsinfobase.org}{\it {Best Student Paper Competition LEDs, Photovoltaics, \& Optoelectronics in Energy}} of \href{http://www.acp-conf.org/}{Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) 2012}, China.

\header{Work History}
Department of Electrical Engineering \& Computer Science (EECS.), {\bf     \href{http://www.abc.edu/html/moreadmission.html#financial}{ABC University}}, Country. \\

\employer{Research Assistant:-}{From June-2012 to Present}
\item \underline{Project Title}:- {\it ehdjfhajdhfjdahfjhds jfdhsj sjkdhf kjjdsh jdshjg hsdjhg skjhgvu hsgjkhsf jkghsj fhvkjhfs gkhsj ghs } \\
Project Supervisor: \href{http://users.ece.gatech.edu/~xyz/}{Dr. ABC}

\item \underline{Project Title}:- {\it Transmission of Nearfield fjhdajfh djkahfjdah kjfhdj fhdjh gjkdhg jkhsdgh sdjkhg sfjghs jdk} \\
Project Supervisor: \href{http://www.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/group/fjehdjfhadjhfa.htlm}{Dr. xyz abc}

errors are given in following links

  1. error --> it is saying Illegal parameter number in definition of \Hy@tempa ...derline{Honors}:-\textit{Magna Cum Laude}}
  2. Problem : I cant add space after the header line .. How to add little more space after it
  3. How to make it justified ? It always becoming left alligned .. How to make it justified ?
  4. How to increase the font size a little bit ?

Thanks in advance for your support :)

  • Is it possible to make a simpler coding (for template definition) with similar output ?
    – ibrahimkbd
    Dec 22, 2013 at 14:00
  • Is there any suggestion .. How to make a modern CV in easy way ..?
    – ibrahimkbd
    Dec 24, 2013 at 20:45
  • For 3: remove \raggedright. For 4: Add 11pt or 12pt to the documentclass options (e.g. \documentclass[12pt]{article}. There are links to a bunch of different templates in tex.stackexchange.com/questions/80/… Dec 30, 2013 at 12:04

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The original template as well as the code you are giving us is a bit of a mess ;-)

  • The first error you encounter is thrown because you try to bold face a hyperlink. If you want the stuff bold, do \href{http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/41/tex-latex-and-friends}{\bfseries A nice place to hang out}.
  • I redefined the \lineunder macro to use predefined LaTeX lengths, they can be changed to suit personal taste.
  • If you want the resume to be justified, remove \raggedright which makes a ragged right margin.
  • If you want the font to be bigger, my first duggestion would be to remove \small which makes the current font smaller. If you feel to need an even bigger font size, do as Torbjørn says in the comments and use either 11pt or 12pt.

The whole thing was cluttered with changes of horizontal space, which was obviously due to a positive parskip as well as spurious spaces. I set the parindent to zero, which can be done in this case without any regrets.

I left the rest of the resume template untouched and recommend everybody not to use it.

\newcommand{\lineunder}{\vspace*{-8pt} \\ \hspace*{-18pt} \hrulefill \\}
\newcommand{\school}[3]{\textbf{#1} #2 #3\par}
\header{Research Interests}
\school{\href{http://www.northsouth.edu/}{\textbf{I am searching Zelda}}; Summer-2012;}
nice place to hang out}; Country }
{$\bullet$ \underline{GPA}:- 3.79/4.00 $\bullet$ \underline{Major GPA}:- 3.84/4.00 $\bullet$ \underline{Honors}:-\textit{Magna Cum Laude}}


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