I've gone through the answer in Package for pie charts.

Can you please suggest, how to give different color for each pie?


\newcommand{\slice}[5]{ %% use 5 arguments here

  % slice %% I changed !10 to !30 to get darker color
  % use the fifth argument #5 to pass the color  
  \draw[thick,fill=#5!30] (0,0) -- (#1:1) arc (#1:#2:1) -- cycle;

  % outer label
  \node[label=\midangle:#4] at (\midangle:1) {};

  % inner label
  \pgfmathparse{max(\temp,-0.5) + 0.8}
  \node at (\midangle:\innerpos) {#3};


%% -------------- use the new variable \c to pass the color
\foreach \p/\t/\c in {20/type A/red, 4/type B/blue, 11/type C/red,
                   49/type D/green, 16/other/yellow}
          {\p\%}{\t}{\c}  %% here we use the fifth variable



enter image description here


Just for fun with PSTricks.




    \pstVerb{/IA \thesum\space def /FA IA #2 add def}%
    \uput{1.5}[!IA FA add 2 div](0,0){\scriptsize #2\%}%
    \uput{3.2}[!IA FA add 2 div](0,0){#3}%

\Item{20}{type A}
\Item[blue]{4}{type B}
\Item{11}{type C}
\Item[green]{49}{type D}

enter image description here

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    My answer for another simpler question can be found here. – kiss my armpit Dec 23 '13 at 20:11

with chartColor=color you'll get the predefined colors instead of the user defined.


 \rput(psChartI1){type A}\rput[b](psChartI2){type B}
 \rput[t](psChartI3){type C}
 \rput(psChartI4){type D}\rput(psChartI5){other}

enter image description here

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