I'm currently writing my thesis, using the book class. I am trying to display the table of contents in this manner:


And each chapter is displayed this way:


I'm fairly new to latex and this is my first time writing a thesis so I don't know exactly how to format it this way. Any ideas would be great!


  • okay so the default display for chapter is what i had shown (somehow i missed that), so I'd just like to get an idea about how to modify the toc i think
    – muddy
    Dec 24, 2013 at 0:51

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The following patch of \l@chapter via etoolbox is sufficient:

enter image description here

\usepackage{etoolbox}% http://ctan.org/pkg/etoolbox
\patchcmd{\l@chapter}% <cmd>
  {#1}% <search>
  {\def\numberline##1{\@chapapp~##1\hfill\mbox{}\par\nobreak}#1}% <replace>
  {}{}% <success><failure>




\section{Problem definition}
\section{Genetic algorithms}
\section{Ant algorithms}
\section{Previous work}

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