I read Converting Markdown to LaTeX, in LaTeX and a couple of related posts. They are about a year old.

is there now a quasi-standard package that enables generic filter plugins, allowed if \write18 is enabled? I mean

\begin{filter}{pandoc -o tex}

filter should be standard unix filtering from stdin to stdout, and preferably without slow temporary files or preprocessing. given such a filter package, if it defined

\newenvironment{md}{\begin{filter}{pandoc -o tex}}{\end{filter}}
\newenvironment{mdframe}[2]{\begin{frame}[#1]{#2} \begin{md}}{\end{md}}

then the emacs auctex maintainers may support this eventually, too. (actually, this is why I think this could/should be part of the standard filter.sty .)

it does not seem a good idea for amateurs to hack their own versions for something that solves a class of fairly common problems and goes deep into the OS/latex interface. having this designed by the pros and having it standard would be a blessing.

is this in the cards?


I think the bashful package does this and a bit more.

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