I am a MacTeX 2013 user and I have installed acrotex first and then eqexam by following the directions outlined by Alan Munn found at this link:

Eforms on Mac OS X

I proceeded to test the installation by attempting to compile fortextbook.ltx found in the doc folder in the eqexam zip folder. I then changed line 3 to \def\mydriver{pdftex}; I commented out lines 6, 23, and line 19 (because I don’t have the lucida fonts) but I uncomment lines 4, 5, and 7,9-12, and I receive a bunch of errors for example:

LaTeX Error: Command \eqemargin already defined. .. l.251 \newlength{\eqemargin}
LaTeX Error: Command \prbPrtsep already defined.

I have even tried compiling a smaller file such as the one found at this link:

clickable problem book

but I get similar error. Can someone please advise what I can do to make sure my installation correct or tell how to fix the files I am trying to compile so that they compile error free?

I am not concerned with the missing psgraphs errors but only the errors that involve acrotex and eqexam.

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