I am trying to create two separate bibliographies for my article, one for the main part and another for the supplementary part of an article using chapterbib package. The below is my minimum working example:





where chapter1.tex and chapter2.tex include relevant text followed by

\bibliography{Ref} % for section1.tex
%\bibliography{RefSupp} % for section2.tex

at the end; Ref.bib and RefSupp.bib are the BibTeX files for the main part and the supplementary part of the article. Now if I replace document class from revtex4 to report i.e. comment line 2 instead of line 1, everything goes well: I get separate bibliographies for separate sections using the following commands:

latex mainfile
bibtex section1
bibtex section2
latex mainfile
latex mainfile 

But I get the error I found no \bibstyle command---while reading file section1.aux at steps 2 and 3 if I use the revtex4 document class. Does anyone have any idea on how to get chapterbib to work with revtex4? Or perhaps an alternative solution to my problem?



Instead of \bibliographystyle{plain} have you tried using something like \bibliographystyle{aipnum4-1}. Also try revtex4-1.

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