\node [rectangle,draw]  at (0,-13) {I:18};
\node [circle, draw] at (2,-13) {19}
    child{node[rectangle,draw] (left node) {S:9}}
    child{node[rectangle,draw] (right node) {M:10}};
\node [circle, draw] at (4, -13) {26}
    child{\node [rectangle,draw] (left node) {A:12}}
        child{\node [circle, draw] (right node) {14}
        child{node[rectangle,draw] (left node) {B:7}}
        child{node [circle, draw] {7}
            child{node[rectangle,draw] (left node) {Z:2}}
            child{node[rectangle,draw] (right node) {X:5}}

This chunk of code never allows me to build. I just wait and wait until my laptop sounds like it's going to die. I'm using TikZ for tree building. Can anyone see a mistake in the code? Thanks

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Removing the \ before node in lines 6 and 7 should help.

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    WOW I can't believe I missed that! Sleep deprived...Thanks a bunch – Trevor Arjeski Apr 6 '11 at 20:39
  • The pretty-printing helps see that! – Matthew Leingang Apr 6 '11 at 23:54

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