I am using a template for writing a long document. It automatically creates a list of figures at the start. In the list every entry is nothing but a caption of the figure. In some figures caption string is too long and it doesn't look good. How can I put custom strings in "list of figures"?

  • Use the optional argument of caption: \caption[<custom string>]{<regular caption>}. – user11232 Jan 3 '14 at 11:01

The \caption has two arguments - one optional and the other mandatory. The contents of optional argument (which is enclosed within []) is used for the list of figures (if given). If you want to put custom (short) description in the list of figures, use it in the optional argument like:

\caption[<custom string>]{<regular caption>}

A sample code:

\section{some section}
    \caption[Short caption]{Here comes the long caption}

enter image description here

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