I am writing a letter and I would like to insert a subject line above or below the \opening. How should I do this? I prefer not to use scrlttr2 or KOMA.

  • The letteracdp document class defines a letter environment with an optional argument for the subject of the letter; it also enforce Italian conventions for the position of the addresses, though, – GuM Mar 26 '18 at 11:14

There's no specific command for subjects in letter style, so do something like this:

\textbf{Subject line}

First paragraph of text...
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I know an answer has already been provided, but I would like to propose an alternative solution that I believe is more elegant. I would include the subject as the last line of the to-address, I also believe this is sometimes done intentionally so the subject is visible in windowed envelopes.

This would result in

   \textbf{Subject: subject}%
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The answer where the subject is part of the address is not that elegant if I say so myself. Although if you place a tilde (~) in as a line, you get an empty line after the address and it looks nicer.

\begin{letter}{Name \\ street \\ city \\ ~ \\ subject}

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I suggest using a two-line opening for this:

    {\bf Subject: inquiry} \\[1cm]
    Dear Sirs,

which will be typeset above the text, but below the address.

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