My question is exactly the same as this one: Include LaTeX version in document

I want to include in my document: compiled with ConteXt version YYYY.MM.DD.

Is it possible to do it automatically or I am stuck to do it manually?

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Here is a list of the available commands to print version numbers (there are more, though).

    \NC \tex{contextformat}    \EQ \contextformat    \NC\NR
    \NC \tex{contextversion}   \EQ \contextversion   \NC\NR
    \NC \tex{contextkind}      \EQ \contextkind      \NC\NR
    \NC \tex{mksuffix}         \EQ \mksuffix         \NC\NR
    \NC \tex{contextmark}      \EQ \contextmark      \NC\NR
    \NC \tex{texenginename}    \EQ \texenginename    \NC\NR
    \NC \tex{texengineversion} \EQ \texengineversion \NC\NR


The definitions can be found in context.mkiv and syst-ini.mkiv.

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