I would like to use latexindent from the vi editor. Ideally, I would use it just like one uses fmt. Recall that in vi you can filter any portion of your text through an external filter. So, one could type !}fmt and upon hitting return, the current paragraph is formatted as if it was text. Similarly, you can type !}sort -u to sort a list, removing any duplicates, etc.

Ideally, one could write !}latexindet -someflags to LaTeX format the current paragraph.

Benefits of this workflow are being able to quickly undo the changes by simply hitting u, and the ability to apply indentation at a finer grain.

I will wait a little, before posting my answer to this problem.

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    I have nmap <Tab> == and vmap <Tab> == in my .vimrc. With these definitions I can indent the current line according to its surroundings by pressing "Tab" in command mode. In visual mode I can also select some lines and press "Tab". (maybe needs set autoindent) – Henri Menke Jan 6 '14 at 10:58
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    I use arara youtubde demonstration – cmhughes Jan 7 '14 at 23:09

Create a bash script named, say, ind whose content is:

#!/bin/sh -f
cat > /tmp/$$ 
latexindent -l /tmp/$$

make it executable, and add it to your path. Then type !}ind.

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