I have a bib file generated by Zotero (can become biblatex if needed) and I use natbib bibliographies through the package revtex4 (I could also use aastex if needed). Zotero kindly outputs every single detail (DOI, URL and abstracts etc).

I need the bibliography entries to include only the names, year and journal like so: Abadi M. G., Moore B., Bower R. G., 1999, MNRAS, 308, 947 (see http://arxiv.org/abs/1002.0583)

I've also come across true/false conditions of properties like author, doi, url etc from Bibliography with only initials of names.

There must be a simple way just to turn off features like DOI and URL!


Here's MWE:

% \usepackage[authoryear,round,comma]{natbib}
% \usepackage[%
%     style=numeric-comp,sorting=none,
%     sortcites=true,doi=false,url=false,
%     firstinits=true,hyperref]{biblatex}
    hello \citep{christlein_can_2004}


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Using biblatex, you can use the option isbn=false (or url, doi or eprint), to be given in the preamble package option. If there are other fields you'd like to suppress, you can use the commands


to remove the chosen fields from citations (useful for the verbose citation styles) and from the bibliography, respectively.

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