Inspired by a question, that unfortunately has been deleted by the OP after getting some hints from me in a comment.

Lacking serifs the Roman numerals in sans serif fonts look sometimes a bit strange. Do you have some ideas for a workaround?

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I would suggest the package romanbar. This produces Roman numerals with an over- and an underline, and without serifs.

The basic command for this is \Romanbar{⟨arabic number⟩}, this works also with counters inside! You can instead include a Roman numeral, as well. For more abilities see example file of package documentation.

An example (note, in KOMA-Script all titles are by default printed in sans serif fonts):




\section{section I vs. \Romanbar{\thesection}}
MDCLXVI vs. \Romanbar{1666}.

\section{section III vs. \Romanbar{\thesection}}
MDCLXVI vs. \Romanbar{MDCLXVI}.

\section{section MDCLXVI vs. \Romanbar{\thesection}}
2014 vs. \Romanbar{2014} vs. \Romanbar{\relax 2014}.


example output

This package is BTW based on egreg’s answer to a question here on TeX.SE: Roman numerals with over- and underline (the OP Stephen is also the package author).

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