I'm writing my final year mathematics project in latex and am deriving Keplers laws of planetary motion, i need some diagrams to explain the geometry I am using. I have already used tikz to draw an the areas for Keplers second law, from a model i found online, I am not entirely sure how to use the program. Is there an book or online guide to help me draw the diagrams? Thanks.


It is too short as a comment. You can easily illustrate Keppler's second law (that implies his first law as well) by using pstricks-add. The following screenshot shows the example taken from pstricks-add documentation.

enter image description here


This isn't TikZ, but a completely different option for drawing figures for LaTeX that I've found helpful is Ipe:


It is a stand-alone program, but you can use LaTeX code in its graphics. It might fit your needs well. Hope this helps!

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