I just installed Miktex, and downloaded Latex Suite latest snapshot.

I extracted its files in both C:\Program files (x86)\Vim\vimfiles and C:\Program files (x86)\Vim\vim74 (I'm not sure why I have these two directories; it may be due to I have gVim and vim from cygwin).

I also edited my _vimrc to add the options that Latex-Suite installation guide says.

It seems to work, since commands like !latex and !yap example.tex are executed for a simple tex file. However, in gVim the menu tabs related to Tex do not appear. Also, the command "echo Tex_CompileRule_dvi" tells this is an undefined variable.

I'm afraid I might be missing some things attrying to use Latex within gVim...

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The vim-latex installation instructions say to put the files into ~/vimfiles if you are running on Windows. Neither of the paths you mentioned above seem like they would be ~/vimfiles.

My interpretation of those directions would be to put the files into a vimfiles directory in your windows home directory - same place that your _vimrc file would be.

  • Many thanks! I have two partitions and it was installed in the second one which I did not intend to use for installing programs. "echo $HOME" told me the correct location and now it is properly working.
    – user32004
    Commented Jan 12, 2014 at 15:28

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