from time to time, a current month value has to be updated.

it is a din a4 page, which includes german and english text. at the end of the page, only the month and year (without a day) is given.

For instance Jänner / January 2014 (right now)

which LaTeX command / trick can be used to avoid manual month modifications? (when using pdflatex, the 2 month values and the year should be up to date without a modification but in german and english --- as stated in the example above)

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I would define my own translations, which also allows you to predict the output. Below \monthGermanEnglish conditions on \THEMONTH (provided by datetime) and prints the appropriate German translation:

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\usepackage{datetime}% http://ctan.org/pkg/datetime
  \or Januar / January% 1
  \or Februar / February% 2
  \or M\"arz / March% 3
  \or April / April% 4
  \or Mai / May% 5
  \or Juni / June% 6
  \or Juli / July% 7
  \or August / August% 8
  \or September / September% 9
  \or Oktober / October% 10
  \or November / November% 11
  \or Dezember / December% 12
\verb|\today:| \today \par
Month: \monthGermanEnglish
  • that avoids much headache & some update effort. Danke / Thanks
    – mnemonic
    Commented Jan 13, 2014 at 8:09

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