It is possible to change spacing after a section title with following


However, when I am using res.cls by


and try to set the spacing after section title, I am getting this error

Argument of \section has an extra } \ttl@extract\section
Paragraph ended before \section was complete  \ttl@extract\section
Paragraph ended before \in@ was complete  \ttl@extract\section
Too many }'s \ttl@extract\section

Missing number, treated as zero \section{Objective}
Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted) \section{Objective)

Is there a way to manually specify spacing after section title while using res.cls? I was only able to change the spacing after a section (not the title) through res.cls.

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    What is res.cls? Is this it? – Ian Thompson Jan 13 '14 at 10:43
  • yes that is it, correct. – Emmet B Jan 13 '14 at 10:44

The resume document class from NYU uses its own definitions for section etc. These are quite different to the standard definitions, so packages such as titlesec are unlikely to work. A crude workaround is to tack some space onto the definition of the \section macro.

\def\section#1{\@@section{#1}\vskip 5cm}
\section{A section}
Some text.
\section{Another section}
More text.

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