I am trying to print a business card that I develop in LaTeX, using templates that I found on the web and combined to fit my needs. I am using XeLaTeX to compile it, since it uses different fonts.

My problem: the template produces a single pdf file with the card, which has dimension 3.5" x 2" inches. I want to print several of this cards on each A4 page. Any suggestions? Thanks.

(I am not a LaTeX expert)

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Here's an answer using the labels package. Hopefully, the way you will need to tweak it is obvious...

% !TEX TS-program = xelatex
\setsansfont{Source Sans Pro Light}
    {\Large\scshape Charles Dickens}\\[1ex]
    \textit{Narrative Typography}\\
    48 Doughty Street\\
    {\textsc{uk: wc1n 2lx}}\\   

I had the same issue.

So first your compile one pdf file containing only one business card. Then you need to compile another file that produces 10 business cards on a a4 page (5x2 matrix) the code is.

\textwidth 22.00cm % 21.59cm
\textheight 27.94cm
\topmargin -1.75in % was -1.0

\headheight 0in
\headsep 0in
\oddsidemargin -0.5in % ok fits A4 paper

\usepackage{pstricks} % allows using PSTricks!!  Remove if you don't have it.
\usepackage{pst-node} % nodes in pst


\pagestyle{empty} % removes page numbers

\begin{picture}(8.5,11)(0.0,0.3937) % revised for 5 vertical per page
  \multiput(0,0)(3.64,0.0){2}{ % horizontal (x) motion
     \multiput(0,0)(0.0,2.14){\verticalcards}{ % vertical (y) motion
        \framebox(3.5,2){ % x,y size of box, inches
           } % end shortstack
        } % end makebox
     } % end multiput
  } % end multiput

I compile my single business card with xelatex. However, I compile the previous code with pdflatex. Of course, you need to change "BC/qrGrey.pdf" with your own file.

I just show the output with a zoom out to show you that it's working (5x2 cards on a4 page)

enter image description here

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